What Does a Houston General Contractor Do?

If you’re starting a construction or remodel project, you have likely heard you need a Houston general contractor. However, you might be asking yourself what exactly is a general contractor (GC)? We’re here to explain what a GC is, what they do, why they’re important, and when you really need one.

What is a Houston General Contractor?

As you look at Houston commercial construction companies, you’ve likely run into the term “general contractor.” A general contractor has a lot of responsibilities, often tailored to your project. However, you can think of a GC like a movie producer. They’re responsible for every aspect of your project from start to finish.

That sounds like a lot, right? Well, it certainly is! In general, the GC is one of the most important people involved with your project. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Getting permits
  • Creating and managing a schedule
  • Hiring subcontractors
  • Managing the budget
  • Enforcing safety protocols
  • Reducing risks
  • Quality control and quality assurance
  • Reduce unplanned changes or downtime
  • Ensuring building code compliance
  • Securing the construction site
  • Communicating with owners about the project
And that’s not even a comprehensive list. Essentially, the Houston general contractor on your project manages all the moving parts to help make your project go smoothly.

Another thing that a GC does is they take on most of the liability for your project. Make sure your GC is bonded and insured. Basically, this means that if someone gets hurt on the job, the GC provides workers compensation, and if something on the property gets accidentally damaged, they have insurance to cover the costs to fix it.

It’s also important to note that there is no license required to become a general contractor in Texas. Therefore, it’s important to find a GC you trust and that has experience for your commercial construction project. Make sure you do your homework and find a GC you’re comfortable with managing your project. Otherwise you might end up dealing with a sticky situation, like a building that doesn’t meet code or your quality requirements.

When do I need to Hire a GC for My Project?

Of course, not every project needs a GC. General contractors are essential for large projects like Houston turnkey general construction for a new building. However, it might be overkill to hire a GC if you’re simply replacing worn out carpet in your facility.

So, how do you decide when you actually need a GC? For the most part, any time you’re taking on a construction, renovation, or remodel project, having a GC on your side can be handy. As a good rule of thumb, if you would need to hire and manage more than one specialized professional or if your project would take more than just a few days or a week, then you might want to consider hiring a GC to manage your project. A general contractor helps add value in many ways. For instance, reducing the amount of time you need to be on-site, providing expertise for construction, and ensuring the end result meets your quality, deadline, and budget needs.

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