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If you’re a real estate visionary ready to make their mark on the world, our team is here to help. We are a skilled Houston real estate development company here to help you take your idea and bring it to fruition. We offer a wide range of services to help you build and renovate properties that maximize returns. Our team’s goal is to ensure your property and capital are put to good use so you can start gaining income from your investment as soon as possible.

Some of the services we provide include:

As part of our Houston real estate development services, we help you get ready for real estate underwriting. Underwriting is a process a lender goes through to assess risk and determine whether to approve your loan. It basically boils down to how much risk you’re willing to take on versus how much risk really exists for a property. Underwriters often ask for things like property appraisals, estimated development costs, and more. They may require a wide variety of different documents to make their decision. As a leading real estate development company, we offer detailed knowledge about underwriting processes and what you will need for success.

Acquiring land is an obvious part of real estate development, but acquiring the right land is necessary for success. Our team gets to know your idea and requirements inside and out to help find the right property for your needs. We look at things like size, type, zoning, visibility, traffic, demographics, and surrounding infrastructure to ensure the land meets your site requirements. We locate available land and properties and perform due diligence evaluations to help you turn your idea into a reality.

Once you have the land and property, it’s time to start taking your vision and translating it to plans. Site planning involves creating a document that is like a map of the new site. It includes things like structures, roads, landscaping features, power lines, and fences to provide a detailed diagram of what the property will look like when finished. Our crew sits down with you to create meticulous site plans that will be the basis for architectural design and construction activities.

As an experienced Houston real estate developer, we also provide services to help you secure regulatory approval and entitlement approval. There may be many regulating bodies involved with the development process, such as cities or municipalities and public utilities. Some common entitlements include things like zoning variances, rezoning applications, use permits, utility approval, and road approval. Before beginning construction on your development, it’s necessary to get approval for a wide range entitlements. Our team can help you prepare and acquire approvals to help you get started with building as soon as possible.

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From Communities to Retail Development

No matter what your vision is, our real estate development team at Keeton Construction Services Construction is here to make it happen. We offer comprehensive development services for properties of all types and sizes. Whether you’re planning a residential community or are interested in commercial real estate development, we have solutions to help you achieve your goals. We’ve helped countless real estate investors simplify the development process and maximize returns on their investments.

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