Houston Commercial Construction Contractor News

shiny cars in new dealership built by Houston general contractor

Houston General Contractor for Auto Dealership Construction

Building the perfect vehicle dealership takes more than just a construction crew. It requires careful planning and an understanding of the unique needs of the ...
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exterior brick painted white by commercial painting company

Painting Old Exterior Brick Commercial Building in Houston

Is your commercial brick building looking faded and outdated? Brick is a classic building material, but even the most durable surfaces succumb to the wear ...
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Houston general contractor smiling confidently

Houston General Contractor: Big Box Stores in New Suburbs

Big box stores keep popping up everywhere in Houston’s expanding suburbs. But building a successful big box store is more than just finding some land ...
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hospital room painted by commercial painting company

Commercial Painting in Houston Healthcare Facilities

First impressions matter, especially in healthcare facilities. A fresh, clean environment fosters a sense of calm and well-being for both patients and staff. You may ...
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Man buying vehicle in dealership with epoxy floors from industrial painting contractor

Anti-Slip Epoxy Floors for Car Dealership Showrooms

Car dealership showrooms are designed to impress. From gleaming vehicles to polished sales staff, every detail is meant to create a  positive customer experience. But ...
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building painted by industrial painting contractor

Improve Your Building’s Energy Efficiency with Industrial Painting

Energy usage is always a major concern for industrial businesses. Your building may need a lot of energy to keep things running smoothly, and you ...
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walls updated by commercial painting company

Plan Ahead for School Repainting This Summer

Keeping schools vibrant and welcoming isn’t just about looks; it can directly affect how students and staff feel walking into the building each day. A ...
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refreshed stucco by commercial painting company

Painting Company: Repainting Stucco on Commercial Building

Your commercial building’s exterior makes a big first impression on customers and clients. Stucco is a popular choice for its long-lasting durability and stylish appearance.  ...
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fire in industrial complex with assets protected by industrial painting contractor

Fireproof Paint for Industrial Buildings

Industrial buildings house critical infrastructure and protect valuable assets. Fire-related incidents in industrial facilities can lead to catastrophic outcomes, potentially resulting in severe property damage, ...
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