Houston Commercial Construction Contractor News

Shopping center built by Houston general contractor KCS Construction

Houston General Contractor: Designing Shopping Centers

Shopping centers are still a huge draw for customers of all types. While online shopping is more popular than ever, physical stores aren’t going away …

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Construction site with Houston general contractor.

Houston General Contractor: Considerations for Green Buildings

More and more people are aware of environmental issues today. This has led many real estate investors and business owners to prioritize green construction practices. …

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Paint roller for Houston commercial painting

Houston Commercial Painting: Types of Wall Paint

Houston commercial painting for your office walls requires several decisions, including the type of paint, the finish, and the color. It’s important to understand the …

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Person being assisted into bed in nursing home after Houston commercial construction completion

Houston Commercial Construction for Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are a type of long-term care facility that provide a home and a place to get skilled nursing care. Houston commercial construction for …

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Houston general contractor working on digital floor plans for commercial building

Houston General Contractor: Creating a Commercial Floor Plan

Constructing a commercial building requires a lot of steps and planning, which is why you need a good Houston general contractor on your side. One …

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Rusty painted metal surface needs Houston commercial painting

Houston Commercial Painting for Metal Surfaces

Houston commercial painting services help you keep your property looking fresh and protect it from unnecessary damage. Metal surfaces on your property typically need quality …

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Construction site where ground being prepared for a Houston general contractor to build on

Difference Between a Houston General Contractor & a Developer

If you’re considering taking on a commercial construction project for your business or as a real estate investment, there are many different stages to think …

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Houston general contractor looking at commercial construction site plans

Houston General Contractor: Popular Project Delivery Methods

When you need construction help, you usually work with a Houston general contractor to complete the job. However, it’s important to figure out how you …

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White wall painted blue by Houston commercial painting professional

Definitive Guide to Interior Houston Commercial Painting

The walls inside your building have a major impact on how employees and customers perceive your company, whether you manage an office or run a …

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