Houston Fire & Water Restoration

Our team is here for you when you need it most. We provide fire and water restoration services for commercial and industrial buildings. Whether you’re dealing with water damage after a flood or smoke damage after a fire, we have solutions to suit your needs when the unexpected strikes.

Fire and water can cause significant damage to your building. These damages can negatively impact structural integrity, building aesthetics, and human health for those inside. For instance, water damage can encourage mold growth and rot that can make your facility unsafe. Soot from smoke damage may contain harmful chemicals and can eat away at building materials. Fire and water restoration services help prevent these issues by removing leftover contaminants from floods and fires, cleaning up the building, and repairing areas that may be beyond restoration.

Fire and water restoration requires specialized training and equipment. For water damage from a flood, burst pipe, or any other water-related issue, finding all sources of moisture is critical for proper remediation. Moisture can hide in areas like carpets, drywall, and baseboards, increasing the risk for building deterioration, mold growth, and other negative consequences. When you call our team for water damage restoration, we utilize innovative water sensing equipment to help detect hidden areas of moisture so we can begin drying protocols to fully restore your building to its former glory.

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Fire damage in buildings can also come with serious hazards. Facility fires not only damage the areas where the fire breaks out, but can affect the entire building through soot and smoke. Fire restoration for your building involves more than construction to repair areas damaged by flames. Smoke and soot also pose a risk to building integrity and human health. Removing smoke damage and soot requires specific remediation protocols and equipment. Our experts offer years of experience restoring commercial and industrial facilities after fire. With restoration from our team, you will never be able to tell that a fire occurred.

Commercial Construction Post-Fire or Water Damage

After fire or water damage to your facility, our commercial construction experts are here to help you get back to normal as soon as possible. Water and fire restoration involves more than cleaning up the damage and debris. In many cases, areas of your building may be unsafe and structurally unsound after one of these emergency events. Our total restoration services include everything you need to repair and rehabilitate your facility after flood or fire.

Our team at Keeton Construction Services Construction includes experienced civil and structural engineers, project managers, and construction specialists to complete all repairs needed for your building restoration requirements. We work quickly and efficiently to help you get back to business as soon as possible. Our team is dedicated to offering top-quality services that meet your budgetary and scheduling needs.

Contact us today to discuss your fire and water restoration needs with our specialists.