Why Choose Concrete for Houston Commercial Construction?

If you’re beginning a Houston commercial construction project, you might be considering which materials to use. Concrete is a popular option for many commercial buildings today. There are several reasons to choose concrete over more traditional building materials. In this article, we’ll discuss some advantages of concrete commercial buildings. We’ll also discuss one of the most common construction methods for concrete buildings.

Concrete construction offers many benefits. That’s why it’s become one of the more common options in recent years. One of the more obvious advantages is that concrete is strong and long-lasting. Some concrete structures are centuries old. For example, the Colosseum in Rome is almost 2,000 years old! Therefore, when you choose concrete for your commercial building, you get peace of mind that your building can stand up to practically anything. Of course, there are other reasons to consider concrete for your new building.

Advantages of Using Concrete for Houston Commercial Construction

Concrete construction is also quite economical. Concrete is a fairly low-cost building material. It’s widely available and typically supplied locally, so there are no exorbitant transportation costs to consider. Also, Houston commercial construction with concrete is often faster and requires less labor, which also helps save on initial costs. Concrete’s superior insulating abilities can also help reduce operating costs for heating and cooling.

Concrete buildings constructed by a reputable Houston commercial concrete contractor are also often incredibly low maintenance. With expert design and construction, you don’t need to worry about frequent repairs. Unlike many other building materials, concrete doesn’t require paint or coatings to stop weathering. In most cases, all your concrete building will need is a good pressure washing session a few times a year. In the case of small cosmetic cracks that might appear after years of use, you can typically repair them by simply filling the crack with epoxy resins or mortar. So, as you can see, there are many reasons why you might choose concrete as a construction material.

How does Houston Tilt Wall Construction Work?

Houston tilt wall construction is one of the most common methods of concrete building construction. If you choose tilt wall methods for your commercial building, our team creates concrete forms in the shape of the walls of your building. Then, we pour the concrete on-site and allow it to cure. Once fully cured, we utilize cranes and other specialized equipment to tilt the walls into a vertical position and brace them there.

Once the structure is formed and the floors are installed, then we can get to work customizing the look of your building with interior and exterior finishings. It’s a common misconception that all concrete buildings look the same. However, you’re not limited to the look of exposed concrete. In fact, we can color the concrete before pouring, paint the concrete after installation, or even add special coatings and finishes that look like brick, stone, wood, or other materials. These are often the final touch for your construction project.

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