Material Of Choice For Most Paving Contractors

Houston paving contractor knows that concrete is a material that is everywhere but goes unnoticed because we are so accustomed to seeing it every day. Parking lots that are paved with concrete have the best long-term performance compared to other paving options. Due to its durability, strength, and almost nonexistent maintenance requirements, concrete is the best long-term, economical paving solution.

Concrete is Strong & Durable

Concrete’s strength and durability are unequaled compared to any other paving material. In areas that will experience heavy usage and truck traffic, concrete is the obvious choice. A Houston paving contractor can complete a project in one pass, including gutters and curbs without the need for expensive bases. This gives concrete a competitive upfront edge in cost and is more economical over time. It does not need the patching, resurfacing, or sealing maintenance asphalt requires, making it virtually maintenance-free. A parking lot periodically striped by a commercial painting company is all the maintenance that may be required.

Unlike asphalt, concrete is easier to see at night, reflects light, and needs less lighting to provide safer surroundings which help to lower utility costs. Because the materials used to make concrete are natural, it is environmentally friendly and there are no toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

Using concrete for paving applications is only one of many uses for a material that was invented by the Romans. An experienced concrete contractor can creatively use the material to give a building an upscale appearance using different shapes, patterns, colors, and decorative textures.

Concrete Foundations

A foundation contractor using concrete creates a durable base that can support the weight of any type of building. Metal buildings can be constructed to have their framework anchored in a concrete slab. High-rise buildings can be built many stories tall because the concrete foundation was constructed deep into the ground to provide a secure, stable base.

From planters for your garden to driveways, buildings, sewer lines, and roads, concrete is probably one of the most important and durable building materials that influence where we live and how we live.