Smart Roads Technology is Changing the Houston Paving Contractor Industry

You notice new technologies being implemented into motor vehicles constantly. Each year’s new models boast some built-in advances in GPS, safety controls and maintenance monitoring. However, roadways are still the same as they have been for decades. Soon, the Houston paving contractor industry will be using new materials to upgrade the streets we use, and the possibilities are very exciting. Some of these new technologies will improve safety, and others will turn roadways into a new source of energy. Here is what you will soon see down the road.

1. Glow-in-the-dark roadways may sound like something from a science fiction novel, but they are already a reality in the Netherlands. Rather than lighting the highways from above, photo-luminescent paint will be used for road markings, such as lane dividers. This paint will collect energy from the sun and store it until dark. Then, the paint will glow for about eight hours every night. This simple modification will eliminate the need to install light poles and replace burned-out bulbs. It will also significantly lower the cost of illuminating our highways according to a knowledgeable Houston concrete contractor.

2. Motion-sensing lights are also going to be installed in our roadways. When a car approaches one of these detectors, it will turn on the lights until the driver passes by that area. This is a perfect solution for infrequently traveled highways. The roadway will still be lit when necessary.

3. To cut the cost of lighting the road, wind-powered lights will be installed in some areas. Wind drafts from passing vehicles will spin pinwheels on the lighting fixtures. These pinwheels will illuminate, but only when there is traffic.

4. Special priority lanes will be able to charge electric vehicles (EVs) as they drive on them. Embedded magnets in the highway will extend the range of EVs and make their use more efficient. Drivers will not have to stop to charge their vehicles at charging stations. A Houston foundation contractor could use this special concrete mixture for other applications.

5. Some roadways will soon be outfitted with solar panels containing LEDs and microprocessors. The glass is renewable and can be made even stronger than steel. These roads will also be able to melt snow, and the solar energy that is gathered along every mile can be used to power other electrical fixtures.

It is about time for our highways to change from dormant surfaces to useful resources. The possibilities are exciting, and they will be coming soon to a roadway near you.