Residential vs. Commercial Painting Companies

Painting companies in Houston offer a variety of skill sets. For example, a Houston commercial painting firm must understand how to perform certain tasks that a residential painting company will never encounter. Residential firms may handle certain services that commercial painters rarely come across.

One of the major differences between commercial and residential painters is their capabilities. Commercial companies may deal with government, retail, industrial and other types of business projects. Commercial painting companies must make major investments in equipment that residential painters would never need to use.

Houston Construction Services

Commercial painting companies may work with Houston construction services on long-term, high-dollar building projects. From shopping malls to healthcare facilities, these jobs require a great deal of manpower to be completed on time. In addition to maintaining large teams of quality employees, painting firms must have solid project management practices in place. Inadequate or sloppy scheduling could hold up an entire project, potentially spelling disaster for a company’s reputation.

Given the size and breadth of commercial projects, it helps to have experience working with other contractors. Residential painters often deal more closely with home owner requests and spend more time on small details. Commercial companies are generally more concerned about scheduling and efficiency than residential painters, simply because the latter often has fewer details to worry about.

Although new residential construction may require painters to work with building companies and other contractors, scheduling is much less demanding and takes place on a much smaller scale than is the case with commercial painting. Project managers may be in charge of coordinating services and handling scheduling. At the very least, project management or scheduling software may be used to keep the job on schedule and under budget. Houston commercial painting companies are also often required to work odd schedules on remodeling projects to accommodate clients’ hours of operation.

Commercial firms sometimes provide specialized services like faux-finishing, epoxy flooring, electrostatic painting and sandblasting. They may offer a greater breadth of techniques and services because they can afford to invest in the right people, supplies and equipment to give clients what they need.

Working conditions are also vastly different. Besides the obvious differences in residential and commercial settings, from size to environment, commercial painters are much likelier to experience surprises. These might include scheduling hiccups and increases in manpower needs. Disruptions are especially common in remodeling projects, since construction companies, plumbers and electricians may run into issues that throw off an entire project by causing costly delays.

Houston Industrial Painting

Some Houston commercial painting firms also provide industrial painting services. Industrial painters must possess a unique skill set given the need for precision when dealing with expensive industrial equipment. From painting the exterior of a power plant to prepping heat stacks for industrial coatings, this type of painting service calls for just the right company.

Scheduling is equally important in construction and industrial projects, considering the potential for lost income due to delays during the painting process. Safety is also a major concern, and each type of painting company must comply with governmental regulations to ensure that projects are properly managed and workers are provided with the required safety equipment. While residential painters must perform their work safely, they do not face the dangers or the regulatory demands inherent in the work done by Houston industrial painting or commercial painting companies.

From remodeling schools to applying industrial coatings, Houston commercial painting companies must provide a wealth of services and experience. Scheduling and project management are complex, and a great deal of organization is required to prevent added expenses or schedule delays. Whether hiring the right employees, managing Houston construction services or filing safety reports, commercial painters deal with unique circumstances which vary widely from those experienced by residential painters.