Protective Coatings for Houston Metal Buildings

Your Houston metal buildings can provide many years of useful service for you and your company. Making sure these structures are protected against corrosion can preserve their beauty and ensure the greatest longevity for your initial investment. Metal coatings can provide an added layer of protection for steel buildings. Here are some of the most commonly used coatings and treatments for metal buildings in the Houston area.

Zinc and Galvanized Steel

Electron exchange is the key to the strong bonds formed between zinc compounds and the iron found in steel. Because the bond between zinc and iron is so strong, it can provide superior protection against rust, corrosion and exposure to the elements. Zinc is usually applied to steel panels through a process called galvanization. By dipping the component or panel into molten zinc, it is possible to create a permanent coating that will shield steel and iron from the damaging effects of rust. Galvanized steel panels are standard for most metal building projects and offer a solid layer of protection against oxidation in most situations.

Zinc-Aluminum Alloys

Alloys composed of zinc and aluminum are ideal ways to coat metal panels. These advanced coatings are designed to provide superior protection against oxidation and corrosion, especially in areas in which chemicals and acids may be in use. By opting for these additional coatings, you can prevent rust, salt water and other damaging chemicals from reducing the beauty and utility of your steel metal buildings.


Your Houston foundation contractor and metal buildings specialist may also be able to provide you with paint options that suit your aesthetic preferences and your protective needs. By working with a general construction company that offers Houston commercial painting services, you can enjoy a wider array of color choices and protection options for your metal building. Professional painters can even create contrasting color schemes to enhance the beauty of your wainscoting, window surrounds and other exterior elements of your structure. Because they work with many so many commercial and industrial businesses, your local Houston paving contractor can often provide you with the right guidance when painting your metal buildings in our area.

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