New Advances Will Revolutionize Houston Paving Contractor Services

With self-driving cars on the horizon and advanced safety systems already available on many vehicles, the evolution of the American highway is well under way. New technologies are already being tested on roads and streets across the United States that will revolutionize the driving experience and ensure greater safety for motorists in the near future. Your Houston paving contractor can provide you with added information on the latest advances in roadway and parking lot construction. Here are some of the most exciting recent developments in the commercial paving industry.

Fewer Potholes

Nanoclays are currently being researched by a team of researchers at Michigan Technological University as a way to reduce potholes in high-traffic areas and during inclement weather. These advanced clay compounds are more resilient and durable, making them a solid choice for roadways that receive heavy traffic on a regular basis. Incorporating nanoclays into asphalt paving materials can potentially create a tougher, more effective solution for areas prone to potholes and ruts due to constant use or weather conditions. Agencies responsible for maintaining these areas can learn more by contacting a qualified Houston concrete contractor for further details on this emerging technology.

Early Warnings

Temperature-sensitive paints on smart highways may soon warn drivers when temperatures dip below freezing, allowing them to adjust their speeds and use caution on the roads. Snowflakes painted directly onto the road surface light up when temperatures fall below the freezing mark, alerting motorists to the potential for ice on the roadway ahead. This early warning system could potentially save lives and prevent accidents during the winter months.

Improved Visibility

A similar paint product already in use in the Netherlands can provide significantly better visibility for drivers at night. Luminescent compounds are used to paint demarcation lines for lanes on streets and highways. During the daylight hours, this paint absorbs solar energy that allows it to glow for up to 10 hours, providing added illumination for drivers and supplementing the existing lighting in the area.

Anti-Icing Surfaces

New overlays are providing added protection against ice for pedestrians and drivers alike. These aggregate paving products incorporate anti-icing chemicals that are naturally released when conditions dictate, improving traction and reducing the risk of skids or slides. By adding these surfacing products to existing roadways, it may be possible to increase safety for motorists on bridges, overpasses and other high-risk areas.

The upcoming changes in paving techniques and concrete formulation will present new opportunities for Houston foundation contractor companies. By incorporating new technologies into their routine projects, these firms will be able to provide added safety for motorists and improved services for clients throughout our region.