Industrial Painting for Houston Warehouses

warehouse in Houston painted by industrial painting contractor
Improve durability and safety in your Houston warehouse with industrial painting from an experienced contractor.

If you own or manage one or more warehouses in the greater Houston area, it’s critical to work with a Houston industrial painting contractor to ensure that their protective paint job is s up to date. Industrial painting may not seem like a priority when it comes to your warehouse maintenance list, but it has various long-term benefits to improve building durability and worker safety.

From increased resistance to moisture levels and weather fluctuations to improved safety protocols, industrial painting is extremely beneficial for any local warehouse. Get a quote from one of Houston’s most experienced industrial painting contractors now.

Preparing the Interior Surface for Industrial Painting

An experienced Houston industrial painting contractor should ensure that the area to be painted is prepped professionally and safely. A thorough preparation of the surfaces to be painted helps extend the lifespan of your fresh paint.

This may involve dealing with rust spots, repairing cracks, dents, or other damage, and general cleaning of the surfaces so it is fully ready for primer and paint. In addition, if the warehouse has not been repainted in a very long time, your contractor should check whether the previous paint used was lead-based. If lead paint was used, it must be removed properly to ensure the safety of all those working in the space.

Follow the OSHA Floor Marking Color Guide

When it comes to painting warehouse floors, following OSHA guidelines for floor markers is crucially important. Using their color guides can help you select the right colors for different areas of your warehouse, including aisles, walkways, loading docks, and hazardous materials zones.

  • Yellow – Marks aisles and pathways.  Also used in areas where caution is required to prevent slips, trips, and falls.
  • White – Identifies storage locations and convey general information, including parking, reminders, and directions.
  • Red – Marks fire safety equipment like fire extinguishers. It can also indicate risk of serious injury.
  • Red and White Stripes – Signifies the need to keep an area clear for emergency access. Placed around fire hydrants and near emergency vehicle access zones.
  • Orange – Warns of potential danger. It can also be used to organize items requiring inspection.
  • Orange-Red – Marks areas with biological hazards.
  • Green – Identifies safety equipment areas such as first aid kits and eyewash stations.

By ensuring that your warehouse is properly marked, your Houston industrial painting contractor can help you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries and keep your employees and visitors safe.

Paint Choices for Warehouse Interior Walls

For commercial painting projects, latex paint often serves as the preferred choice due to its quick-drying nature, low VOC content, and ease of cleanup. However, in an industrial setting, oil-based paint can be more advantageous.

While this type of paint may take longer to dry and more safety precautions during application due to higher VOCs, its superior durability and resistance to stains stand unmatched. The robust qualities of oil-based paint make it ideal for high-traffic industrial environments that experience extreme temperature fluctuations, giving it a longer lifespan and reducing the need for frequent repainting.

In regard to color choice, since warehouses typically have limited natural light, we recommend choosing a lighter shade of paint to brighten up the space. This not only creates a more visually appealing environment but also improves overall visibility in the space, helping reduce the risk of accidents.

Choose Durable Paint for Warehouse Exteriors

When it comes to painting a warehouse, durability is key. The exterior of a warehouse is constantly exposed to harsh conditions such as extreme weather, high UV levels, and the potential for corrosion. Investing in a highly durable paint ensures not only a long-lasting finish, reducing the need for frequent repainting.

Epoxy paints are highly recommended due to their supreme chemical resistance and durability. Their hard-wearing nature makes them perfect for metal exteriors that bear the brunt of harsh weather conditions and heavy use.

Acrylic latex paints are another excellent choice as they resist chalking and fading, and they retain their color and gloss longer compared to oil-based paints. Acrylic latex also has good adhesion properties, which means it can stick to slightly rusted metal, offering a layer of protection against further corrosion.

One-Stop Shop with Houston Industrial Painting Contractor

From prepping to priming to the application of the final paint coat, our team at Keeton Construction Services can take care of your warehouse painting project from start to finish. With our extensive experience in commercial and industrial painting in Houston, we consistently provide quality, reliable service to our clients.

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