How Houston Metal Buildings Can Save You Money

Steel and metal buildings can offer real advantages for companies in our area looking to expand their storage space or to establish a new facility in our area. These advanced building systems are designed for optimal durability and functionality. One of the most important benefits of Houston metal buildings is the reduced cost of insurance premiums often available for owners of these properties. This can potentially save you money throughout the life of your new metal building.

Lower Costs During Construction

Because Houston metal buildings require less on-site work, they can often incur lower insurance rates for your Houston foundation contractor and building firm. This can translate directly into lower overhead costs for your construction company. Along with the already low cost of building metal structures, lower insurance costs during the construction phase can help you keep costs under control throughout your project.

Improved Fire Resistance

Metal and steel buildings are much less prone to fire damage thanks to their innate resistance to burning. Both the American Association of Insurance Services and the Insurance Services Office assign ratings of 1 through 6 for fire resistance, with 1 offering the least protection and 6 offering the best. Without any improvements, metal buildings are typically rated as 3 or 4. With some minimal adjustments, however, these advanced building systems are often rated as 6, the most desirable fire resistance rating for insurers.

Designed to Stand up to Wind and Weather

Buildings and roofs constructed of metal can weather severe storms and earthquakes more easily than structures made from less flexible materials. Because metal can bend under pressure, it is more likely to stay intact in the strong winds associated with hurricanes and tornadoes. This can reduce the amount you pay in insurance premiums for your metal buildings over the life of these structures.

Lower Replacement Costs

Insurers may also offer lower premium rates for metal buildings thanks to their lower cost of construction. This can significantly cut down on the amount you spend to insure these buildings, allowing you to manage your corporate cash flow more effectively.

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