How Houston Design Build Construction Works

Design BuildHouston design build is a construction project delivery method that offers many benefits. Design build is gaining popularity because of its many advantages. We’ll discuss some of the reasons more and more building owners are choosing design build delivery, as well as how it works for your construction project. In addition, we will offer some tips for choosing the right design build firm for your project.

What is Houston Design Build Construction?

First, what is Houston design build construction? Design build is essentially where you have one contract for the entire project. One team takes care of your project from beginning to end. This is in contrast to traditional design bid build, which is where you have two or more contracts for the design of your building and then for the construction activities. In this method you may also have another contract with your own project and construction manager. Not all Houston commercial construction companies offer design build project delivery. Design build firms typically have many specialists in their workforce, from architects and engineers to project managers and construction professionals.

Houston Design Build vs. Design Bid Build Project Delivery

If you’re getting ready for commercial construction, you might wonder which project delivery method is right for you, as well as what they actually look like step by step. Design build and design bid build are two of the most common construction project delivery options available.

Houston Design Build

Design build, also known as Houston turnkey general construction,  is where you hire one team to handle everything from design to construction completion. You find and hire the firm and then work with that one team to help make your vision a reality.

After hiring a Houston design build team, the next stage of the project is the pre-construction or planning phase. This is where you and your design build contractor discuss your project needs and goals. You sit down with our professionals to talk about everything from how big of a building you need and what you want it to look like to what your goals for budget and completion times are. The planning phase is critical for the rest of your project.

Once the planning phase is complete, our design build experts begin the design phase. Design includes architectural design and necessary structural engineering. Also during this time, our professionals get estimates for building materials, labor, and other elements that affect the price. Schedules are also created at this time. Therefore, most of the particulars are solidified during the design phase.

Construction is the next phase of your project. Of course, in some cases this may actually overlap with the design phase. For instance, if you’re still deciding on some cosmetic details, our team can begin creating the foundation to keep the ball rolling.

After construction is complete, then comes the post-construction phase of your project. Post-construction might include things like providing deliverables like drawings, documents, and product or material warranties. If you or your staff need any training, such as walking you through how different systems work, we also complete this as well to ensure you’re ready to start using your new building.

Design Bid Build

By contrast, design bid build project delivery is where you hire a designer to create the architectural designs for your building. Then, once the design is complete, you send out the design to construction companies for a bid on the project. From those bids, you choose a builder who gets to work on your project. This is actually one of the longest delivery methods. In addition, you must manage at least two contracts: the designer and the construction company. In many ways, there is a disconnect between the design and the construction project, which is why building owners must be more involved in the project.

Benefits of Houston Turnkey General Construction

There are many reasons design build contracts are becoming more and more popular. Houston design build construction offers many advantages compared to design bid build and other project delivery methods.

According to research from Construction Industry Institute, design build construction:

  • Costs 6% less than design bid build
  • Projects are completed 33% faster than design bid build
  • Provides 10% higher quality than design bid build

Houston Design Build is Cost-Effective

Costs are, naturally, some of the biggest concerns for commercial construction projects. Keeping costs low without sacrificing quality or value is important. With design build, one team is always working toward optimizing and streamlining your project. This can help add value in many ways, reducing overall costs for your project. In addition, budgets and cost estimates are more consistent with design build construction, which makes budget planning easier.

Design Build Offers Faster Timelines

Another benefit of Houston turnkey general construction is that completion times are streamlined. With design bid build, you find, evaluate, and hire a design firm. You then work with your designer and then ask for bids based on that design from construction companies. You wait to get the bids, do your due diligence, and then hire them for construction. That is a lot of different steps as well as a lot of waiting and looking into different firms. Instead, design build is one team working together to create your project, which helps save a lot of time. Also, because both design and construction teams collaborate, it also often means fewer mistakes or miscommunications that can also increase completion timelines. Therefore, design build can help maximize productivity and optimize construction schedules.

Higher Quality Construction

Also, because one team is united under the goal of a successful project, this can produce a higher quality project. At every point of your project, design build professionals are working together to identify and mitigate risks. With design bid build, generally each team worries primarily about their specific part of your project, rather than the project as a whole. The divided goals can create a gap in scope and quality.

Choosing Between Houston Commercial Construction Companies

There are many Houston commercial construction companies to choose from, so how do you select the right one for your project? If you’re interested in design build, it’s incredibly important to find a company that suits your needs. It might be tempting to go with the lowest bid, but this often means the team is less experienced or may cut corners during your project. Instead, you want to find a company dedicated to quality and customer-centric service that has plenty of knowledge and experience under their belt. This can help protect your interests for a successful project.

Keeton Construction Services Construction – Top Full-Service Construction Firm

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