Houston General Contractor: Big Box Stores in New Suburbs

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Trust your Houston general contractor to get your big box store building project started right.

Big box stores keep popping up everywhere in Houston’s expanding suburbs. But building a successful big box store is more than just finding some land and putting up a building. As a Houston general contractor, we can offer insight on the key things to consider for a successful big building project in Houston’s suburbs.

For over 20 years, Keeton Construction Services has been a lead Houston general contractor for major commercial projects. We can tackle the challenges and help you create a big box store that thrives. Contact us for a project quote today.

Regulations, Location, and Existing Infrastructure

The rapidly-growing suburbs around Houston are a prime target for big box stores. With growing populations and easy access to major highways, they offer the ideal mix for success. However, before breaking ground, there are some crucial factors to consider.

If you have your eye on a specific area, it’s vital to confirm any local zoning regulations. Zoning laws dictate what types of businesses are allowed in specific areas and may set parameters for building size, setbacks, and signage. Familiarizing yourself with these regulations upfront can save time and avoid complications down the road. You may also be required to conduct environmental impact assessments to determine the potential effects of construction on wildlife habitats, wetlands, or other sensitive areas. 

Big box stores need ample land – enough for a spacious building, a large parking lot, and potentially room for future expansion. Easy access for both customers and delivery trucks is essential, so look for sites with good visibility from major roads and convenient access points. At the same time, consider the state of the surrounding infrastructure. The local road network needs to be able to handle the influx of traffic generated by a big box store. This includes ensuring roads are wide enough for delivery trucks to navigate safely and that intersections can handle increased traffic flow. 

Equally important is access to reliable utilities like power, water, and sewage. You should assess the existing capacity of local utilities, as you may be responsible for necessary upgrades to accommodate the demands of the new store. 

Labor, Logistics, and Timelines

Turning a big box store idea into reality requires diligent planning and execution. A realistic construction timeline is key, outlining each phase of the build, from initial site work to final inspections. Preparing for potential delays, such as the inclement weather we frequently experience in Houston, helps to keep the project on track as best as possible.

For a Houston general contractor, sourcing reliable subcontractors and suppliers is critical. The construction market here is very competitive, which can make securing a skilled workforce a challenge. This is particularly noticeable when multiple large projects are underway simultaneously within the same general area. A good contractor should make an effort to build strong partnerships by communicating well and paying promptly for services or supplies—this gives them a network of quality subcontractors ready and willing to work on your big box store project.

By keeping logistical details organized, actively managing timelines, and attracting a reliable and skilled workforce, your Houston general contractor significantly increases the chances of your big box store opening on time and within budget. 

Trusted and Experienced Houston General Contractor 

Success in big box store construction often hinges on working with experienced professionals who know how to navigate the complexities of such projects. Keeton Construction Services brings over 20 years of experience as a Houston general contractor specializing in commercial construction. 

We understand the unique challenges of building in this region and have a proven track record of delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget. Let us partner with you to make your big box store vision a reality. Contact us today to discuss your project.