Houston Commercial Construction for Healthcare Facilities

Houston commercial construction for large healthcare facility
Houston commercial construction for healthcare facilities can be a complex process.

Houston commercial construction for a new healthcare facility is a big project that comes with many opportunities and challenges. The team you choose to design and construct your facility is of vital importance for project success. When designing and building healthcare facilities, it’s important to consider applicable codes and standards as well as the goals and purposes of the specific facility. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for healthcare construction. However, many healthcare facilities can benefit from design build services for streamlined construction. 

Houston Commercial Construction for Healthcare Facilities is Complex

As you well know, healthcare facilities can be complex. They must meet a wide range of specialized codes and standards to promote health and safety in their facilities. Also, they need to accommodate different activities and equipment. Therefore, from a practical standpoint, Houston commercial construction for healthcare facilities is a serious undertaking. It requires a lot of knowledge and research to design and create a building that supports medical care. 

In many cases, the design of your building can also affect how patients and staff see your organization. In fact, the aesthetics of a healthcare building can affect the perceived quality of care for both patients and staff. That means architectural elements can positively or negatively impact not only patients who choose your facility for healthcare, but also the talent interested in working inside your facility. So, the team you choose for healthcare construction can have direct impacts on your healthcare facility’s revenue. 

What are the Goals of Your Healthcare Houston Commercial Construction Project?

Of course, when it comes to Houston design build for medical facilities, it’s necessary to define your goals. A good place to start is the purpose of the facility. For example, a hospital with an emergency room likely has vastly different design and construction needs from a long-term care facility or a daytime medical clinic. Also, it’s important to consider other goals for design and construction. For instance, the design and construction of a healthcare facility can affect operational costs, patient comfort, and staff productivity. 

Houston Commercial Construction Affects Operational Costs

Many people don’t realize that Houston commercial construction affects operational costs, particularly when it comes to things like energy costs. Healthcare facilities of all kinds have the capability of consuming massive amounts of energy, which isn’t good for the environment and also drives up operating costs. Your design build team can work with you to create efficient spaces without sacrificing patient care or staff convenience. For instance, designing your healthcare building to use energy efficient windows or installing lighting systems based on occupancy wherever possible can all help toward keeping energy costs low. Therefore, it’s important to discuss your sustainability and operating cost goals with the construction team so your building helps you achieve those goals from the very start.

Design and Construction Affects Patient Comfort

Also, it’s important to consider how your healthcare building affects patient comfort. It may seem strange, but building design can actually affect patient satisfaction scores and how comfortable patients feel when they are in your facility. For instance, easy navigation is a simple way to help reduce stress and frustration for patients and visitors. Taking advantage of outdoor views can also help patients feel more comfortable and calm. Consider your community and what can help them feel better cared for. You can use those insights during your healthcare construction project.

Construction Affects Workflow and Staff Productivity

Another important goal to keep in mind for your healthcare facility is workflow and productivity. For example, let’s pretend that the nurse station for a particular area of your medical building is on one side of the building, but patient rooms extend all the way to the other side of the building. You can see how inefficient this might be and how easy it would be for staff to inadvertently overlook the patients in rooms on the other side of the building. Instead, it might be better to place the nurse station near the center of the space for easier access to all patient rooms. This is just one small example of how design affects your healthcare facility’s productivity.

Why Choose Houston Design Build for Healthcare Construction

There are many reasons to consider design build for healthcare facility construction. Design build construction comes with many benefits that are attractive for many healthcare construction projects. For example, collaboration, lower costs, faster schedules, and quality control. 

Enhanced Collaboration for Houston Commercial Construction

Collaboration is an important part of success for any project, particularly for Houston commercial construction. Design build not only encourages collaboration at each phase of construction, it can also ensure all the necessary information is shared properly with everyone working on your project. For instance, construction managers on your design build team can provide estimates for materials during the design phase to help look for value and savings without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.

Reducing Costs for Houston Commercial Construction

Another reason to choose design build construction for healthcare facilities is that it can help optimize construction costs. On average, design build costs are 6% lower than traditional construction methods like design bid build. At each phase of construction, your team offers value engineering to help control costs and keep your project within budget.

Streamlining Construction Schedules

Houston design build construction offers fast construction schedules. In fact, design build services are linked to 33% faster project completion. There are a few reasons for this. First, everyone is on the same page from day one, which can help save a lot of time for communication and logistics. Also, in many cases our team can begin construction while finalizing other areas of design. For example, we can begin creating building foundations while you and the design team put the final touches on which fixtures you want throughout the facility. Faster construction is great for shareholders as they can begin recouping their investment as soon as possible. 

Improving Quality

Also, design build construction services include construction management from our experts, which helps with quality control and quality assurance. Construction managers ensure everything meets quality parameters, from materials delivered to the workmanship for subcontractors like plumbers. With a dedicated team with the same goals as you, as well as with fewer disconnects throughout the process, you get peace of mind the end result will meet your quality requirements for longevity, durability, and aesthetics.

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