Definitive Guide to Interior Houston Commercial Painting

White wall painted blue by Houston commercial painting professional
Houston commercial painting with a fresh coat of paint for your interior walls is good for business.

The walls inside your building have a major impact on how employees and customers perceive your company, whether you manage an office or run a retail location. Therefore, it’s important to consider many things about Houston commercial painting. In this article, we’ll highlight key things you as a building manager or owner should know about painting interior walls in your commercial building.

Why is Houston Commercial Painting Important?

One of the first things you might be wondering is why Houston commercial painting is important for your business. After all, people probably aren’t paying you to look at your well-painted walls. It’s a common misconception that interior walls are an unimportant part of your business. However, they actually play a key role in many different aspects of your business.

How well or how poorly your walls are painted has a huge impact on how people view your professionalism. Imagine walking into work in clothes full of holes and stains. How do you think that would affect your reputation amongst your staff and customers? Just as you prioritize a professional appearance for yourself, you should also make sure your building is in top condition to look professional. If your walls are stained, faded, and chipping, it sends a bad message about your professionalism. 

Also, the look of your interiors has an effect on the atmosphere you create inside your business. Every commercial building creates a certain ambiance. For instance, in an office setting, you might want people to feel creative and energetic, whereas in a healthcare building you might want people to feel calm and relaxed. The color you paint your walls has a huge influence on how people feel inside your building. We’ll get into this a little later when we discuss color psychology, but it’s essential to understand that the paint on your walls can affect people inside your building.

In addition, Houston commercial painting is more than just appearance. It also provides a protective layer for the materials underneath. That’s why as a Houston general contractor we typically recommend painting interior and exterior surfaces for new builds we complete: to keep the building in great shape and looking its best for years to come.

Signs You Need Houston Commercial Painting for Your Building’s Interior

Now you know why Houston commercial painting is so important for your business, let’s talk about when you might need to repaint the walls in your commercial building

Interior paint usually lasts anywhere between two and five years before you need to repaint. There are many things that affect the expected lifespan of interior paint for your commercial building, including the paint quality, how well your commercial painting team prepared the surface, and how much traffic your building receives. For instance, a daycare’s walls usually have to stand up to a lot of spills, messes, and general wear and tear compared to, say, an office building. Therefore, daycares may need to repaint more often. 

Here are some signs to look out for that you need to repaint the walls in your building:

  • Cracked paint
  • Peeling paint
  • Mold/mildew on the walls
  • Bubbling/blistering paint
  • Worn or dingy looking paint

These are signs that your paint is reaching the end of its expected life. In these cases, a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference for your building. 

Additionally, if you’ve recently rebranded, this is often another time when you might need Houston commercial painting services for your interiors. After rebranding, your brand colors may have changed. Your interiors should always match your brand personality, so think about whether you need to update your interior walls to match as well.

Choosing Between Houston Commercial Painting and Commercial Wallcoverings

A common question many building owners and managers ask is whether commercial painting or wallcoverings are better for interior walls. Both have pros and cons, but there are a few things to note. First, commercial wallpaper is often more expensive, both for the actual wallpaper as well as for installation. Also, it’s usually patterned in some way, which can be too much for every wall in your building. Therefore, often wallpaper is better left for accents, rather than building-wide applications. 

In addition, while wallpaper usually has a much longer lifespan (up to 15 years in some cases), in most cases it will go out of style well before you need to replace it. Just to illustrate, 15 years ago Tuscan style homes were all the rage and now look incredibly outdated compared to modern design standards. 

Instead, Houston commercial painting usually takes less time, less labor, and is the more economical option compared to wall coverings. This makes it the more popular option for commercial buildings.

How to Choose a Color for Your Commercial Building’s Interior Walls

Choosing the right colors to paint the walls in your commercial building might seem overwhelming. However, we do have a few tips to help you choose colors for commercial walls:

Think About Color Psychology for Houston Commercial Painting

One thing to think about is color psychology. This is basically how color influences our feelings and behaviors. There’s a lot of science behind this, but basically the color you choose for Houston commercial painting might affect how people feel and act in your building. 

For instance, the color red is usually associated with leadership, energy, and aggression, while blue is typically associated with relaxation and stability. Think about how you want people to feel in your building and use color psychology to find the right match. 

Consider Your Brand Colors

We mentioned this already, but your interiors should match your brand. That doesn’t mean you have to use only the colors in your logo, but you shouldn’t choose something that clashes, either. Also, if your brand personality is fun and quirky, then you probably don’t want to choose colors for your interior walls that are seen as bland and boring, so maybe avoid painting every wall in your office white or beige. 

Choosing the Right Finish for Houston Commercial Painting

It’s also important to choose the right paint finish for your walls. Your Houston industrial painting contractor can recommend the right finish based on your building and application. However, here’s some general information on some of the most popular commercial paint finish options:

  • Matte/Flat: Matte paint finish doesn’t have any shine to it and is great at hiding imperfections. However, it’s not very durable or easy to clean, so it’s not commonly used for interior walls in commercial buildings, though it might be a good option for ceilings.
  • Satin: Satin finish paint is slightly glossy, but still not very shiny. It’s more durable than matte finish paint and is pretty common for lower traffic areas in commercial buildings. 
  • Semi-gloss: One of the most popular options for commercial walls is semi-gloss paint. This is highly durable and easy to clean, even in high traffic areas in your building. It has a nice gloss, but it’s not incredibly shiny. 
  • Gloss: Gloss finish paint is much shinier and incredibly easy to clean, but tends to show imperfections in the surface easily. Usually we use this on trim and baseboards. 

Why Hire Professionals to Repaint Your Company’s Walls

Choosing the right painting contractor for your building is important for a few different reasons. One of the biggest is that professional painters like our team at Keeton Construction Services have the experience needed to ensure the final result is flawless. This involves a lot of specialized work, including surface preparation to ensure walls are smooth, in good repair, and also treated for maximum paint adhesion. Your painters also provide assistance choosing the right options for your commercial building, such as paint quality, finish, and color. They also have the right tools and expertise to protect your building from things like paint spills and drips for a perfect finish. 

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If you need interior or exterior painting, choose our team at Keeton Construction Services. We are more than just a Houston general contractor, we are a team that offers comprehensive services to help you keep your building in good condition. Our team provides total painting services for all types of surfaces so you can project the right look and also protect the surfaces beneath. Get in touch today to discuss your painting needs with our experts!