Concrete vs. Steel for Houston Commercial Construction Projects

Both concrete and steel offer solid durability and real advantages for your construction project. Working with an established and reputable Houston concrete contractor can be a solid step toward determining the right mix of materials for your building. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when choosing concrete, steel or a mix of both for your upcoming construction activities.

Fire Safety

In most cases, concrete edges out steel in fire safety. Concrete is naturally fireproof and can stand up to extended exposure to high temperatures without warping or crumbling. This can ensure the greatest degree of safety for tenants, residents and others present in these buildings. Steel also offers some protection against fire but cannot measure up to the superior fire resistance of concrete materials.


Steel can be a cost-effective choice for smaller buildings and provides competitive pricing for larger buildings thanks to its lighter weight and the reduced labor needed for steel construction methods. Working with a construction company that offers both of these materials can often provide you with the most practical cost comparisons for your building needs.


Both concrete and steel offer benefits for the environment. Standard concrete formulations use materials that are available in abundance almost everywhere in the world. Concrete produces minimal waste and can be manufactured in the amounts needed for specific projects. Green concrete specified by your Houston concrete contractor can provide even greater advantages for the environment.

In theory, 100 percent of steel can be recycled and reused in the future. In practice, about 95 percent of the steel available for Houston metal buildings contains recycled materials. This makes steel one of the most sustainable choices for building projects in our area. By opting for steel, you can ensure the lowest environmental impact from your construction projects.

Combining Concrete and Steel

Building size matters. In some cases, using concrete and steel in combination with each other can provide added strength and greater flexibility in managing your building projects. One popular configuration is have your Houston concrete contractor pour concrete for lower floors and to use steel joists and beams to construct upper levels. Your construction services company can provide you with expert guidance on combining steel and concrete in the most practical ways.

At Keeton Construction Services Construction Services, we offer comprehensive and turnkey construction options for businesses throughout the Houston area. We can construct Houston metal buildings that suit your needs and your budget perfectly. As a leading Houston foundation contractor, we have the expertise and proven knowledge needed to provide you with concrete and steel options designed specifically for your construction project. Give us a call today at 281-304-5885 to discuss your upcoming project with us or to request a quote. We look forward to providing the expertise and experience for your commercial construction projects.