Caldwell Companies: Profitable Commercial Real Estate Partner



As president of Keeton Construction Services Construction Services, Jason Keeton does his research and works hard to find locations for commercial real estate development in and around Houston that make sense. When Mr. Keeton happened upon this “one particular property”, he knew it had incredible potential and definitely more potential than a few “big name” commercial real estate firms were willing to discuss.

“I talked to all the big real estate firms,” Mr. Keeton explains. “They either lacked real vision or just had their own agendas and ulterior motives.” While studying land maps one day, the phone rang. “Clay Roper with Caldwell called me up out of the blue. He’s an Aggie, I’m an Aggie so we got to talking,” shares Mr. Keeton. “Clay had a different approach. He wasn’t just about price. He brought really good ideas on how to maximize my land and develop it right.”

After the two Aggies finished sharing their thoughts, The Caldwell Land Team immediately got to work, placed a few calls, gathered some information and got back with Mr. Keeton that afternoon. They began advising Keeton Construction Services Construction Company every step of the way. “Caldwell did a lot more than I expected them to do. Site planning…going to MUD meetings… they brought high-quality users to my tracts, helped me sell and even located more land for me to buy.”

“I made an excellent decision when I chose to go with Caldwell,” says Mr. Keeton. “I know all about construction. Caldwell knows development. That’s why they fit perfectly for me. I consider them my partner.” Mr. Keeton clearly has an appreciation for The Caldwell Land Team’s dedication and tenacity on behalf of their clients. When asked, those two traits are what he believes really sets the Houston commercial real estate company apart. Keeton Construction Services Construction Company and The Caldwell Land Team have ten deals on the books and two more on the horizon. Profitable partners.

Consider what Mr. Keeton of Keeton Construction Services Construction Services has mentioned, “Caldwell just knows how to get things done.” If you are looking to buy or sell land, especially commercial tracts and properties, considering partnering with the Caldwell Land Team. They have the experience in moving land and lots of it.