Benefits of Permanent Modular Construction

When searching for a commercial construction contractor in Texas, it is important to utilize organizations that are willing to adapt to the changing times. Whether searching for a Houston foundation contractor or any other type of contractor, innovation is an important consideration. It is no secret that Texas has experienced tremendous economic growth over the past decade. As a consequence, commercial building in this state has also grown quite steadily. Local contractors regularly experiment with outstanding new construction methods. In the competitive local marketplace, only the most practical construction innovations achieve wide acceptance.

Many businesses and organizations are turning to modular construction to reduce construction costs and material waste. This new construction technique has the potential to transform lives and commercial fortunes. Modular construction involves the off-site construction of single-story or multi-level buildings, divided into sections. Though relatively new, permanent modular construction harnesses old-fashioned principles of the division of labor. Completed modular sections are delivered to permanent sites and joined together to form complete structures. Modular structures are indistinguishable from traditionally constructed buildings and are highly customizable to fit a wide range of aesthetics. In the coming years, it is likely that modular construction will become more and more typical in many different areas.

As well as reducing overall building costs, modular construction offers a wide variety of subsidiary benefits. The highly engineered nature of modular construction produces buildings that are more efficient in air flow, electrical wiring and plumbing. This increased efficiency reduces the overhead costs of operating a business, long after construction is complete. In addition, modular structures allow for dramatically reduced project completion time. Traditional construction requires builders to lay the foundations before they are able to construct their frames. Modular construction allows builders to complete various stages of construction simultaneously. Many traditional structures are unwieldy constructs with multiple additions. The carefully predetermined designs of permanent modular allow for inclusive, aesthetically pleasing designs. Relocation also poses a challenge for many business owners. The time investment and cost of constructing a new building is often significant. A modular building can be disassembled, relocated and refurbished with ease. This largely minimizes the prohibitive time and expense of relocation.

In Texas, modular construction is rapidly gaining a reputation for flexibility and good value. Permanent modular received a big public boost when the U.S Army Corps Of Engineers (USACE) used this system in a major project. The USACE uses modular construction to speed up completion time without skimping on safety and durability. One of the larger permanent modular construction projects yet undertaken, the USACE’s Fort Sam Houston housing complex will house as many as 2,400 military trainees. This hotel-style complex will feature all of the amenities of ordinary housing units at a much lower cost.

Modular constructions offers a unique mix of short-term and long-term advantages. Cost savings and reduced construction timeline are appreciable short-term benefits. Looking at the long-term picture, permanent modular constructions reduce waste and environmental impact. With theses many proven benefits, it is unsurprising that many contractors adopt modular construction every year. Far from a radical new discipline, permanent modular involves the clever redeployment of common building methodologies. Most construction specialists can learn to permanent modular with minimal inconvenience.

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