Advantages of Houston Metal Building Construction

Houston metal building construction offers many benefits for building owners. Metal buildings are becoming increasingly popular in the commercial construction space, and it’s not hard to see why. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the advantages of steel buildings and why you should consider a metal building for your needs.

Why Choose Houston Metal Building Construction?

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think “metal building” might be strength and durability. This is absolutely the case. Steel is strong, long-lasting, and can withstand many different forces, like severe weather and fire. Of course, you likely already know that metal might be a great option if you need an ultra-durable, heavy-duty building for your application. However, strength isn’t the only benefit metal buildings have to offer.

Save Costs with Houston Metal Building Construction

One of the more compelling reasons you might choose steel buildings for Houston commercial construction is that this construction method can save you money. For larger facilities, up-front costs are often much less than traditional construction methods. Savings for construction generally comes from fewer labor hours associated with pre-engineered metal buildings. Steel buildings will even typically cost less for construction compared to tilt wall methods for smaller facilities.

However, up front costs for construction aren’t the only areas to consider. You should also factor in ongoing expenses for operations and maintenance. Metal buildings with insulated panels can help reduce heat transfer in your building. This can save costs significantly for heating and cooling.

Also, metal buildings are easy to maintain. Unlike many other types of buildings, steel buildings typically only need to be rinsed off with a power washer a few times a year to keep them in great condition. Metal buildings are durable and long-lasting, so they typically experience less wear and tear over the course of time. If you do need repairs for damage, these are also simple and inexpensive as well. In most cases, all you need to do is place a metal patch over the damaged area. For extensive damage, replacing the entire panel is a quick, simple, and economical option as well.

Save Time on Houston Commercial Construction

Houston metal building construction methods also help speed up time to market. Construction for metal buildings typically involves fabricating each piece needed off-site and then assembling the building on a concrete foundation. This is an incredibly quick process, meaning you can have a fully functional building in weeks or months, rather than years. There are many reasons why traditional methods take so much longer compared to steel building construction. With metal buildings, there’s no need to wait for ideal conditions to begin fabricating components for your building, which can help save a lot of time. Also, typically metal buildings require fewer workers to erect compared to many other construction methods. Therefore, if you’re looking for fast completion without sacrificing quality, metal buildings may be the right option for you.

Metal Buildings Give You More Open Space

Also, metal buildings often utilize clear span design, which provides more open floor space. Clear span essentially means that there are no obstructions on the floor plan, such as support columns in the middle of the floor. Steel is incredibly strong, which means it requires less support than many other types of building materials. Therefore, metal buildings can be designed and constructed in a way that everything inside the building frame is completely open. This means you can get the most use out of every square foot inside your building, rather than sacrificing some space and layout requirements for support pillars running from floor to ceiling.

Houston Metal Building Construction is an Eco-Friendly Option

Almost every company today has sustainability goals in an effort to become more environmentally friendly. Well, you can start off on the right foot by choosing a metal building. Metal buildings are an eco-friendly option for construction. First, these buildings produce little to no waste, as everything is fabricated exactly to specifications off site. In addition, steel is completely recyclable and doesn’t lose any of its strength with recycling, which makes it a great option to help reduce waste. In fact, some of the steel used in your new building may have already been recycled at least once, keeping it out of the landfill and also reducing environmental impacts for producing new steel.

Let’s not forget that metal buildings are also incredibly energy-efficient. We mentioned this earlier, but insulated metal panels for your steel building can help reduce how much energy you need to heat and cool your building. Steel building panels help seal in heated or conditioned air and also help reduce how much heat transfers through the building panels. Add a metal cool roof and you save even more on energy consumption, which benefits not only the environment, but also your bottom line.

Versatile Design for Metal Buildings

What many don’t realize is that metal buildings are also flexible and versatile to fit almost any aesthetic. Therefore, even if you’re not a fan of the bare metal look, or need to make sure your building fits in with the surroundings, there are options to suit your needs. Floor plans, design, and finishes are limited only to your imagination. For instance, let’s say you love the look of brick. Yet, brick buildings come with several issues, such as hefty price tags and long timelines for completion. However, you can get all the benefits of metal buildings while still getting the look of a brick building by choosing exterior finishes that look like brick. This is just one way you can completely customize steel buildings to suit your needs.
Houston Metal Building Construction is Great for Many Types of Facilities.
Houston metal building construction is perfect for almost any low-rise building. While you might think of industrial buildings or even aircraft hangars when you think of steel buildings, they can actually be great for many different uses. We’ve mentioned that you can customize metal buildings in many different ways, which means metal buildings can work just as well (or better) than many other types of buildings for your needs. For instance, metal buildings can be used for:
  • Office buildings
  • Medical/dental offices
  • Retail buildings
  • Strip malls
  • Car dealerships
  • Daycares
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Storage facilities

Therefore, metal buildings can work for many different needs, from Houston commercial construction to industrial and even residential construction. Therefore, if you’re planning a construction project, consider a steel building for your project.

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