The Advantages of Using Steel For Commercial Construction

Across our region, you can see many examples of impressive Houston metal buildings. Steel is now one of the most widely used materials because designers have more freedom to find new solutions to get past structural issues. Steel products, such as pipes, structural beams, flat bars, tread plates and heavy angles, offer elegance at a modest cost as well as durability and ductility. Its adaptability makes it the go-to material for numerous architects, engineers and homebuilders. With every steel building, architects learn more about its strengths, limitations and overall importance to the constantly changing world of building design and construction.

Steel provides a stylish method of creating interiors that are spacious and free from columns and other visible means of support. Its malleability gives structural designers more freedom to create new stylish designs while exploring new textures to give their buildings a unique shape and appearance. Although it has been in use since the 1700s, it has enjoyed a surge in use in the last 20 years.


A Houston foundation contractor has the freedom to easily change or reposition steel parts to open up a space or design a more modern, alternative building layout. This makes future expansions easier and prolongs the life of the building. Steel is commonly used in everything from high rises to steel barns and modern steel-framed houses. The possible uses of steel are practically never-ending.


The cost of lumber varies from year to year, but the price of steel buildings has remained stable. Because steel is lighter than lumber, it costs less to transport to the building site. This lowers fuel expenses and makes it easier to stay on schedule. Steel is also energy efficient, and the waste can be recycled, which reduces the cost of materials.


Steel can stand up to the extremes of Houston’s weather, including high winds, hurricanes, heavy snowfall and earthquakes. Steel buildings are rustproof and fire resistant. They also resist many problems that can ruin a wooden building, such as mold, fungi, mildew, bugs and termites.


Since steel does not warp, splinter, clink, rotate, distort or buckle, it is perfect for both traditional and experimental buildings. It can be cut or rolled and modified into many shapes and sizes while still retaining its physical and compositional properties during the structural steel fabrication phase of the project. It is also a favorite of Houston industrial painting companies because it is so easy to paint, and the color lasts for a very long while.


Steel buildings might be changing the landscape, but one thing has not changed. Steel buildings can be built quickly because their parts are pre-assembled in a factory. Most steel buildings are erected with few, if any, problems.


Steel-frame buildings usually come with a 20-year guarantee because they are so durable. The length of the warranty may vary slightly, so be sure to ask your supplier about their warranty. Another advantage of steel buildings is that all supplies and maintenance come from a single source, so if there is some sort of problem, you only have to make one phone call.

Tax Write-Offs

Steel buildings are not just less expensive to build. They can also earn money for you in tax breaks thanks to a stimulus bill that was enacted by President Obama.

Green Steel

Prefab steel buildings are energy and thermal efficient. Steel is also the most widely recycled product in the United States. Steel homes use an average of six scrapped vehicles. A home built using lumber uses some 50 trees for its construction.