Primary Types of Commercial Construction Projects

Commercial construction projects can vary considerably from site to site. Understanding the various project types can help you make the most practical and cost-effective choices when choosing a Houston paving contractor, general contractor or subcontractors for your commercial construction needs. Here are some of the most common types of commercial construction in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Institutional Construction

Educational facilities, medical centers and other institutional buildings require special knowledge and the services of an experienced Houston foundation contractor. These buildings must conform to strict codes and meet stringent design requirements to accommodate the needs of these institutions. Working with a construction company with extensive experience in institutional projects can provide clients with the best possible results.

Residential Construction

Apartment buildings and condominiums are among the most common types of residential construction projects. These projects may require a number of permits and must comply with local codes and other requirements for residential construction. Your construction contractor will typically oversee all aspects of your project to make sure that this required paperwork is filed correctly and on time.

Industrial Construction

Factories, warehouses and other facilities are used to promote the manufacture and distribution of products in our area. These construction projects often need specialized foundations and other drainage arrangements to ensure the safety of workers within the facilities and the public areas surrounding them. A large number of permits and zoning applications may also be required to ensure compliance with all city, state and federal codes governing these industrial facilities.

Construction Projects by Funding Type

Commercial construction can also be classified by the source of the funding and request:

  • Private construction projects are funded and contracted by companies or individuals in the private sector and are usually intended to provide space for offices, retail shops and other for-profit activities.
  • State, county and city construction projects may impose additional requirements for successful applicants. These added requirements usually involve an examination of employment practices and safety records.
  • Federal projects generally take place on federal property. Contractors must comply with all federal regulations on wages, safety and employment to qualify for these construction projects.

Firms that qualify for state and federal construction projects usually can provide expert help, guidance and support for private projects as well. At Keeton Construction Services Construction Services, we are an experienced Houston concrete contractor and general construction company with a proven reputation for quality work in our area. We handle industrial, residential, commercial and institutional projects for private and public clients. Give us a call today at 281-304-5885 to discuss your project with our team of skilled construction experts. We look forward to the opportunity to serve all of your commercial construction needs.